Breathing new life into classical music

Hi there! Thank you for stopping by our website. We are Folias Duo, made up of Carmen Maret (flute) and Andrew Bergeron (guitar). As we enter our 20th year performing together, we create our own music and arrangements, organize concerts, tour, release albums, and even cook delicious meals together.

As musicians and educators, we believe in sharing music to enhance our lives and promote harmony within ourselves and the environment. Our journey has taken us across the United States, Europe, Chile, and Argentina, weaving music into the stories of the land and the people we’ve encountered. It’s been an incredible adventure to live and work together as both artists and a married couple since 2003. Our latest album, “Heartdance,” which celebrates our 20th anniversary, is now available on our own label, Folias Music.

“Theirs is a music that transcends genre and that ultimately brands itself as Folias Duo music, full stop.” (Textura 2023)

“These two artists are top talents, almost singular within contemporary flute and guitar ensembles.” (Flutist Quarterly)

“daring in self-written music” (American Record Guide).


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The Folias Duo is flutist Carmen Maret and guitarist Andrew Bergeron. This husband and wife duo are Michigan based composers, performers and teachers