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2016 Summer Repertoire

Every summer we set off to spend our lives on the road playing concerts and milongas. Each year we add a few pieces to our summer repertoire and I thought that it would be nice to document what we played this year. This year we did not only have one concert worth of songs but two. We needed to have music for the tango dances and for the concerts and this year there were no pieces that crossed. Once again we memorized all 39 of the pieces! Here are our two set lists in case you were wondering or for us to look at next year!

Summer Repertoire

Concert Pieces

Scotch Bonnet
The Border Trilogy
I. Mariscal Mines
II. Gunslinger
III. Black Warrior
Folias Variations
Dreaming to Live

Octopus Fantasma
Mamba Guinea

Resurrection del Angel
Milonga Gris
Chacarera de las Piedras
Alfonsina y el mar
Cancion de Lejos

Tango Sets

El Amanecer
El Choclo
A la Gran Muneca

Corazon de Oro
Algonquin vals

El Once
Derecho Viejo
Quejas de Bandenoen

Milonge del 900
El Portenito
Milonga de Mis Amores

Cumparsita Cats
Canaro en Paris

Desde el alma
Cumparsita Vals
Romance de Bario

La Trampera
Lemon Smugglers
Silueta Portena


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