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2016 Summer Tour Haikus

We have finished our 2016 summer tour and as a way to pass the time on the long drive home we composed 38 tour haikus for the different days of the tour.



Day 1
Packed car in the rain
Drive to the Cowboy Monkey
Tango in Champaign


Day 2
Six hours of sleep
Twelve hours to West Kansas
Deer in the Prairie

New Mexico

Day 3
Morning sun vultures
Evening concert Santa Fe
Drinks with friends at night

Day 4
Beautiful breakfast
Albuquerque Museum
Shopping in Old Town

Day 5
Caliente Spring
Mllonga at the Quail Run
Dream of Santa Fe

Day 6
Blueberry pancakes
Jemez mountains hike thunder


Day 7
Colorado bound
Cortez and Lowry pueblo
Camping in Utah

Day 8
Hot Springs at Seven
Rack of lamb and wine at Five
Play tango till twelve


Day 9
Driving to the fire
Gig in mesquite 108
Stars and petroglyphs

Day 10
Practice in rock shade
Gig in Laughlin 106
Lake Isabella


Day 11
Early morning rise
California valley drive
Spruce tree canopy

Day 12
Hike in Castle Crags
Bob Marley’s face in Shasta
Burning Tango live

Day 13
Stop for Zinfandel
Drive back to Joshua Tree
News of Orlando

Day 14
Laundry and Practice
Coffee Shopping and Grilling
Hike to the Palm Trees

Day 15
Practice two hours
Desert hike up the canyon
Sleep like a baby

Day 16
One more long practice
Practice dancing then coffee
Huge Joshua tree

Day 17
Los Angeles Drive
Learning to accept the lows
Night shusi party

Day 18
L.A. To Davis
Overtone series lesson
Rockin audience

Day 19
Driving south again
California traffic jams
Cerro alto camp

Day 20
Morning solstice hike
Sunset and honey moon rise
Evening solstice hike

Day 21
Morning hot springs soak
Tango dance in Ventura
Night drive in Ojai

Day 22
6:20 AM
Rush hour drive through L.A.
Concert by the beach

Day 23
Practice and oil change
Sushi in San Diego
Drive to the mountains

Day 24
Drive to the desert
108 and pho for lunch
Great concert at night

Day 25
Drive past Mt Whitney
Hiking to some alpine lakes
John Muir Wilderness

Day 26
395 Drive
Hoover Wilderness Hiking
Ate dinner outside


Day 27
Short drive to Reno
Tango class and practica
Last gig for a while


Day 28 – Day 34
Idaho Family
Hot desert mountain sunshine
Bittersweet goodbye


Day 35
Driving all day long
Idaho and Montana
Yellowstone River


Day 36
Fargo for coffee
Mosquitos and long sunsets
Grilled romaine chicken


Day 37
Fog in the morning
Setting up tents in the rains
Blackrocks in Marquette


Day 38
Breakfast with parents
Great Lakes hospitality
Madison tango

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