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2016 Tour Thanks

Folias Tour Thanks

Wow, this summer was our best tour yet. So productive and so fun. We have a big tour thanks here!

To everyone who supported the Folias tour by their generosity and camaraderie, who agree to help put on great events, or take us into their homes, or miraculously cook for us or spend their time showing us around their towns.

In the west, we would like to thank:

In Champaign/Urbana, IL:
Joe Grohens – thanks for the water 🙂
Carlota Bullard and all the CU Tango folks
Jackie Wypij and Kuru George – thanks always for the comfortable bed

In Santa Fe and Albuquerque:
Carol and Fernando Robles – thanks for all the beauitiful food, cool house, and local travel recommendations
Kay Carlson and Santa Fe Tango
Linda Raney – Thanks for the years of dedication building a nice series and space
Albuquerque Museum

In Salt Lake City:
Christopher Neville – thanks for a fun weeknight!
Brian Salisbury- thanks for always being there for us
Wasatch Tango and U of U Argentine Tango Club
Dmitry Pruss and Irene Pruss – thanks for the rack of lamb and wine, the beautiful fermented food, fresh veggies, cheese, bread and other Russian delights! – not to mention the epic homemade to-go sandwiches

In Nevada:
Tanya in Laughlin – thanks for the pecan chocolate chip cookies
All the Mesquite Library folks
Victoria Randlett and T.s. Brown – thanks for lunch and for the fun relaxed evening in Reno
Marlene Marino Brock – thanks for the amazing hospitality and beautiful place to stay

In California, we would like to thank:

In McCloud, CA:
Clay Nelson – thanks for putting on such a NICE festival
Looking forward to playing BurningTango 2017!

In Davis, CA:
Matthew Grasso and Aya Ueda – thanks for the buckwheat blueberry pancakes! and a nice time in a beautiful place

In Ventura/Ojai, CA:
Stephen and Deb – thanks for keeping a cool neighborhood gig going, and for the special homemade cranberry-orange-walnut scones, the handmade frittata with herbed goat cheese, brown rice and mint, and the bag of fresh picked rucola from the side of the road!

In Encinitas, CA:
Jim Gilliam – thanks for a beautiful series with lots of enthusiastic classical music listeners

In San Diego, CA:
Cindy Dickinson and Ted – thank for the salmon dinner, the best ever cowboy cookies and a fun neighborhood milonga. Also we are grateful for being able to do our laundry and sleep in a super comfy bed.

In Ridgecrest, CA:
Fran Rodgers – thanks for a great series and enthusiastic classical music audience. We also appreciate the dinner recommendations in a town where everything closes by 9pm on a Friday night!

In Carmen’s home state, we would like to thank:

Mom and Dad Terry Maret  Tracy Maret Kenny Doreen and Bruce Maccoy
Thanks for the fun family and friends time!

And thanks to the folks in the Great Lakes:

In Madison, Wisconsin:
Tony DeGregoria and J.E. Sutherland – thanks for the continued hospitality and friendship! this time -the grilled steak, corn, espressos and cappuccinos, and amazing breakfast – pancakes with real bacon, real butter, real maple syrup!

In the Upper Peninsula of Michigan:
Andy Langlois and David Manson, all the Blackrocks Brewery crew and Marquette folks – thanks for keeping up the great vibe!
Macy Neumeier and AppleWood Eatery & Espresso Bar – thanks for a cool wine dinner

Mom and Dad B Patrice Bergeron for coming to the last three of our gigs and camping out in the Lake Superior rain with us!

Susie and Dave Anthony (and Smitty) at Northern Sun Winery for a grand finale performance and stay at their beautiful vineyard/winery/farm home. Thanks for two nights of lively dinners, a barbecue, home cooked breakfast, a beautiful place to practice, your friendship and conversation, and finally a wonderful and attentive audience at the concert.

Special thanks also to Kim, Scott, Tilly, and Sisu. Thanks for the desserts, the fried beer batter garlic scapes, the tree climbing, wooden sword fights and good humor.

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