Folias Duo 2021

Folias Duo has been praised as “facile players who draw on tango rhythms and melodies sometimes, at other times they write with a scenic sensitivity” (Fanfare Magazine) and “daring in self-written music” (American Record Guide).

Flutist Carmen Maret and guitarist Andrew Bergeron of the Folias Duo are a married couple whose unique interpersonal performer-composer collaboration of nineteen years breathes new life into classical music. Folias Duo melds characteristics of European classical music with jazz, world music, and the art of improvisation. The rhythms, contours, and textures of their meticulously crafted and scenic music continue to test the technical and sonic limitations of the intimate flute and guitar combination. “These two artists are top talents, almost singular within contemporary flute and guitar ensembles” (Flutist Quarterly). 

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Folias Duo has performed on stages throughout the United States, South America, and Europe. During the 2020-2021 season, the duo presented over twenty live stream concerts from their home featuring original music. Folias Duo’s self-booked 2019 summer tour included twenty concert performances throughout the western United States, while recent Michigan performance highlights include the Grand Rapids Community College International Guitar Series, where they presented their first flute and guitar concerto, the Scarab Club Chamber Music Series in Detroit, where they performed their own arrangement of Astor Piazzolla’s Angel Suite for flute, guitar, and string quartet, and performances on the Grand Rapids Art Museum’s Classical Series. 

Folias Duo has produced and released seven albums of original compositions and arrangements, including five albums on the Blue Griffin Recording label in 2004-2014. More recently they released Dreaming to Live (2017) and Delicate Omens (2019) on their own Folias Music label.

National parks and forests throughout the United States have been an inspiration to Folias Duo. Their compositions are contemplative and also inspire listeners to ponder the environment. In 2007, Folias Duo was chosen Artists-in-Residence for Isle Royale National Park, in 2012 and 2015 they gave concerts in the North Cascades National Park and in 2005 they composed music about Big Bend National Park for their Marufo Vega album. In the last four years, they started a yearly DIY music residency, composing in rustic national forest cabins in Michigan, Colorado, Iowa, Ontario and Oregon. 

Carmen Maret and Andrew Bergeron earned Master of Music degrees from Michigan State University and Bachelor of Music degrees from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and Grand Valley State University. Now, with over twenty-five years combined experience as educators and entrepreneurs, Carmen Maret and Andrew Bergeron continue to nurture the growth of countless young musicians. They teach private lessons in flute, guitar, and composition through their own business, Folias Music, and they are adjunct professors in music theory, music history, and music business at two west Michigan colleges. 

Folias Duo Discography

Delicate Omens on Folias Music

Dreaming to Live on Folias Music

Viewpoints on Blue Griffin

Tango and Snow on Blue Griffin

Waterway on Blue Griffin

Marufo Vega on Blue Griffin

Tangos Metamorphoses on Blue GriffinSaveSaveSaveSave

Want to know more about us?

Andrew Bergeron

Andrew Bergeron - Composer and Guitarist

Hometown: Holland, MI

Passion for: Homemade pizza.

What you would do for a living if not playing and composing music: Drive and listen to music.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why: Serra de Montsant National Park in Catalonia, Spain to backpack and drink Priorat wine!

Something you are proud of: I make white wine from grapes that we grow in our backyard.

Tea or coffee: Yes

Favorite time to practice: 9 to noon

When did you start playing music: When I was 4 years old on the Thompson organ.

Carmen Maret

Carmen Maret - Composer and Flutist

Hometown (and other places lived)Lincoln, NE; Boise, ID; Kansas City, MO

Favorite Quote: “Close both eyes to see with the other”  -Rumi

Passion for: Patterns on the modes of melodic minor.

What you would do if you won the lottery: I would curate a permanent local chamber music series and promote other groups to record on our label.

Who fixes up things around the house? You or Andrew: Me, of course.

What is your pre-practice routine: Vacuum the house.

Tea or coffee: Tea

No one would guess: David Lynch went to same junior high school I did in Boise, Idaho.