Folias Music Live Podcast

Join us for our first live stream concert of 2022 Folias Duo Winter Light! We will be playing all of Andrew’s new suite The Way Through along with a set of Carmen’s music, including the second performance of Locust Storm. SUBSCRIBE! Apple

Folias Music Live - Podcast

Each December we hold a Folias Duo Open House featuring a concert and a display of our merchandise. In this year’s virtual version of the event, we present the music we’ve been working on this last year at home including a performance of Andrew’s full Dragonfly and the world premiere of Carmen’s new piece Locust Storm. Subscribe and […]

Folias Music Live - Podcast

Carmen Maret and Andrew Bergeron of the Folias Duo talk with flutist and composer Svetlana Djirackor about finding the magic in 2020. Maret and Bergeron discuss composing and performing their own music, their musical inspirations, how they model music after their favorite composers, and how the challenges of 2020 brought new ways of performing and […]

Delicate Omens - Folias Duo

What people are saying about Delicate Omens… Delicate Omens, “These two artists are top talents, almost singular within contemporary flute and guitar ensembles.” Flutist Quarterly – Fall 2020 “The recording exudes a magnificent clarity”  “Immersing themselves in such manner fostered connection and contemplation in equal measure, the outcome compositions of genuine, elemental character.” “Maret’s flute […]

Folias Duo 2019 Summer Tour

Flutist Carmen Maret and guitarist Andrew Bergeron of the Folias Duo celebrate their 2019 summer tour marking sixteen years together as music and life partners. We’re hitting the road again this 2019 summer tour with 20 + shows in the western U.S. including concerts and milongas (tango dances) in New Mexico, California, Nevada, Oregon and […]

Folias Duo Reviews

Andrew and I have been talking for years about writing a flute and guitar concerto and we finally did it! Folias Duo Debuts Flute and Guitar Concerto Garita on October 4, 2018 at the GRCC International Guitar Series. Read the full program and notes right here: Naturaleza Suite (2016)   Carmen Maret I. Octopus Fantasma (chacarera) II. Zamba […]

2018 Tour Feelin’ the Love Check out our tour stats and thank you’s to all the folks that make this great endeavor of playing music possible. 26 gigs in 70 days in 13 states     15  nights in Colorado     10 nights in California     9 nights in Wisconsin     8 nights in Nevada     5 nights […]