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Boise Tango Jam and Milonga

Boise Tango Jam

Today we worked with musicians via the Boise Tango Society on playing tango music for tango dances. Our hour and a half session focused on getting a good marcatto, changing up the texture in an arrangement, and how to utilize ventanas (windows) or the places in the music where the phrase breaks before the next one continues. Our jam band for the dance consisted of violin, viola, cello, piano, three guitars, and harmonica!

We had a lot of fun playing for the milonga that night which was downtown at the Boise Café, a fun spot in the middle of downtown. Jennifer Olso taught a cool workshop on improvisation that we went to before the milonga. Later, I was trying on all the Comme il faut shoes that she was selling…I REALLY need new tango shoes, mine are ten years old…but, alas, tango shoes are such a low financial priority. After all, we could have used our money from the gig to guy gas to get home or to buy me a new pair of tango shoes…hum…

Tango Shoes

Shoes…let’s get some shoes

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