Outdoor California Cooking

When we’re on tour we always love preparing our food outside. This summer we enjoyed some outdoor California cooking as we camped in the Paso Robles and Mammoth Lakes areas. But seriously, it’s all about the produce. Once you get to the Central Valley past Sacramento you can find good ingredients at any store, and […]

Concerts Last week we were in Northern California and Oregon playing concerts in the Cascades. We started off the week with our third performance at the Burning Tango Festival playing Saturday night right before the evening Milonga. Many thanks to all of the enthusiastic dancers. After the festival, we drove north to Oregon for a set […]

Folias in the desert

We just finished a week of desert mountain gigs at museums and libraries out in the Chihuahua, Sonora and Mojave deserts. Performing in Flagstaff, AZ, Ridgecrest, CA and the Las Vegas library system, the audiences at all of these places were really warm and the attendance good. One man in the main library theater in […]

Andrew and I spent Christmas and New Year’s in a rustic cabin in the Quetico, an Ontario provincial park that sits just above Minnesota’s Boundary Waters. Combined, the two parks have thousands of kilometers of wilderness lakes that people canoe, mostly in the summer. Our goals for the trip were to find solitude, relax, write music […]

Santa Fe Farmers Market

Here it is, the Dreaming to Live Tour Eats. Lots of picnic tables on this tour. The most memorable foods? The greens and the berries. Not to mention the local bread and artisan cheese. Northwest Oregon Pinot Noir and Salad  Flashy trout lettuce from Oregon City Mexico tomatoes Local radishes Dressing: olive oil, lemon, salt, and […]

Power food for musicians rabbit chili recipe

Like most musicians, Andrew and I have many “jobs” and wear many “hats:” performers, composers, instrumentalists, teachers, promoters, editors, administrators, writers, mangers, designers, not to mention being our own maids and cooks! Here are two homespun powerhouse recipes that got us through a busy year of teaching and performing. Rabbit Chili We bought a whole […]

Swordfish Recipe

We were lucky enough to have a day off on the solstice this year in Southern California. We spent the day hiking to Cerro Alto with views of the coast and the hills of Paso Robles, visiting one of the best wineries in the world, Tablas Creek and getting fresh swordfish right off the dock […]

Shaggy Mane

Shopping and eating California is always a revelation. Yesterday we made a quick stop at the Sacramento Food Co-op, which happened to be right off the highway on our commute from Venice in Southern California to the Burning Tango Festival in Northern California. The food here has a much higher quality of flavor and a […]