Sabores de Chile

Our two weeks stay in Chile this last May was definitely framed by eating. We had a spectacular time just being tourists in the grocery store. We shopped almost everyday at the local Jumbo in central Santiago and made feasts for our friends when they came home from work. The most typical ingredient? Avocados! I […]

Last weekend we played for a May Day/Anniversary celebration at People’s Cider Company here in Grand Rapids. We have shopped at Fulton Street Farmers Market for the past couple of years for our weekly Saturday morning groceries, and along with getting our vegetables, cheese, and meat we have filled up our empty jug with the greatest […]

Here is another recipe from the Viewpoints tour. We had the pleasure of eating homemade bialys made by our tango dancer friend, teacher and host Stephen Bauer in Ojai, CA last summer. Stephen is also known for his “Tango Chef” workshops which teach people about how to make “kinetic concoctions for tastier tango.” His is a […]

We enjoyed some great winery picnics in California, Oregon, Washington and Idaho last summer. Visiting wineries give us the opportunity to see the land and geography of a place, as well as the agriculture. They are almost always in beautiful setting as well and we continue to choose to drive out of the way to […]

Wow, wow, wow. Here is an impromptu sea bass recipe we made using local California fish, veggies, and fruit from the central coast. The culmination of local shops, veggies and spices we’ve been carrying around from the Southwest mixed with treats given to us as gifts from hosts made this possible. Thanks to Stephen and Deb […]

   It was a beautiful afternoon in west Michigan to hunt for some ramps out in the woods, so Andrew and I went out to gather this wild forest delight that has a delicate flavor somewhere between  a green onion and a leek. Here is the nice little recipe that we came up with for […]

Potatoes with octopus and lemon.  Steamed white and purple potatoes from Visser Farms.  Add chopped octopus and calamari poached two hours on low in olive oil. Topped with lemon, basil, and parprika. We just completed 17 CD release concerts since August and while we performed and traveled nearly every weekend this fall, we certainly made up […]

Gourmet Hungarian Beef Soup Recipe

What better way to be greeted after a sleet-laden drive to Detroit at night then by this wonderful, simple, flavorful, warming soup? Thanks to Shelly Rouse-Freitag for hosting us and for taking all day to simmer this Hungarian recipe of gulaschsuppe. It certainly charged our batteries for the next day’s concert at the Southeast Michigan Flute Festival! Gulaschsuppe […]