Exciting News! Our 2023 album, Heartdance, has reached the #5 spot on the Top 20 Ambient Albums chart on textura.org! We are incredibly grateful for the love and support from each and every one of you. This journey has been truly amazing, and we are thrilled to share this important milestone with all of you. While […]

Delicate Omens - Folias Duo

What people are saying about Delicate Omens… Delicate Omens, “These two artists are top talents, almost singular within contemporary flute and guitar ensembles.” Flutist Quarterly – Fall 2020 “The recording exudes a magnificent clarity”  “Immersing themselves in such manner fostered connection and contemplation in equal measure, the outcome compositions of genuine, elemental character.” “Maret’s flute […]

What people are saying about Dreaming to Live… Textura – June 2017 “Maret’s sinuous flute, alto flute, and piccolo playing is a constant delight, while Bergeron’s deft finger-picking makes as strong an impression. The purity of her tone and the unerring precision of his guitar work are an enticing combination, and both repeatedly show themselves […]

by Lee Passarella for Audiophile Audition May 18, 2012 My reaction to Tango and Snow convinces me even more that I’m not so averse to the tango as I am to the tango done up in black tie and tails. I’m much happier with tangos done by modest performing forces, tangos that remember their dancehall […]

Folias Duo - Tango and Snow

TANGO AND SNOW • Carmen Maret (fl); Andrew Bergeron (gtr) • BLUE GRIFFIN BGR 229 (44:41) MARET Tango Destroyer. Adequate Conditions Blues. Pajaro Rojo Santo. The Lemon Smugglers. Cumparsita Cats. Whiplash Rides. MARET/BERGERON Algonquin Vals. BERGERON Tango and Snow. Full Long Night’s Moon Through the Rain The husband-and-wife team of Andrew Bergeron and Carmen Maret […]

Folias Duo - Tango and Snow

by TODD GORMAN for American Record Guide Jan/Feb 2012 Folias Duo—Blue Griffin 229—47 minutes This is a set of pieces written either by the flutist, Carmen Maret, or the guitarist, Andrew Bergeron; one was co-written. Sources of inspiration are Latin American influences and the outdoors, hence the title combining the two. Besides the obvious, Piazzolla, […]

This month our home cooking was featured in Solace Magazine for an article on good food movements in Grand Rapids. Author Kristin Tennant and photographer Ryan Pavlovich captured the intersection of our cooking, travel, and music to a tee. “Between music, food, and marriage, Carmen Maret and Andrew Bergeron have enough projects to keep them […]