Folias California Route

This year we started our 2018 California route with a milonga in Sacramento for Tango on Broadway. We continued with a concert in San Francisco and then we played for a milonga in Ventura hosted by our friends Stephen and Deb who curate Quantum Tango, a group we’ve worked with five times now. We then made […]

ABQ Tango Fest 2018

We just returned from the first ever all live music tango festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was organized by our friends Erskine Maytorena (bandoneón) and Olga Tikhovidova (violin). They invited seven different U.S. groups to play as well as other guests from around the world to fill out a Grand Orchestra. Andrew and I […]

Milongas Dreaming to Live

When we tour we play two different kind of gigs–we play for concerts and we play for tango dances called milongas. The milongas on the Dreaming to Live Tour represented 9 out or 27 performances in 7 states. The great thing about playing a dance is people listening to your music and putting it into motion […]

Carmen and I have been playing arrangements of Astor Piazzolla ever since we met in September of 2002. We have played many different pieces by Piazzolla but recently we decided that it was time for some new Piazzolla arrangements. Escualo The first piece that I decided to arrange, Escualo, was originally written as a violin […]

Burning Tango

There was an extra special performance for Folias on our 2016 summer tour. We were invited to play a set of music at the Burning Tango festival  in Northern California. The festival takes place in the small town of McCloud at the base of Mount Shasta. Dancers from all over the country get together for […]

Every summer we set off to spend our lives on the road playing concerts and milongas. Each year we add a few pieces to our summer repertoire and I thought that it would be nice to document what we played this year. This year we did not only have one concert worth of songs but […]

Folias in Chile

This May Andrew and I had the opportunity to play for two lovely milongas in central Chile, one in Valparaiso and one in Santiago. Valparaiso is an a amazing city with spectacular views of the coast, a hopping nightlife and great food, including seafood. The bar we played at La Piedra Feliz was really cool […]

In January we had the privilege to be featured on the Chamber Music at the Scarab Club concert series with the premier of our arrangement of Astor Piazzolla’s Angel Suite for flute, guitar and string quartet. It was a great opportunity for us to work on our arranging skills and to play with great string players from […]