A massive Dragonfly Tour THANK YOU to everyone who makes the wonderful endeavor of playing music and touring possible. For the west leg of the tour, we had 17 gigs in 31 days across 5 states (MI, NV, CA, OR, NM), covering 7,793 driving miles, all thanks to our commercial driver, Mr. Bergeron. Our journey […]

Welcome to our blog post covering the exciting journey of the Folias Duo Heartdance Tour West! Over a period of 35 days, we traveled a total distance of 9,970 miles, playing concerts in intimate venues and exploring the beautiful landscapes of Nevada, California, Oregon, and Idaho. Here are the highlights of this incredible musical adventure. […]

Folias Duo May Tour Stats 2022

We’re excited to announce the Folias Duo May Tour stats for the month-long tour we just completed in the western United States. It was incredible to be back touring again after three years of waiting for the right conditions! I think we’ve all been eager for this sense of being able to interact socially. This […]

Over the winter break Carmen and I got away from the Michigan grey and went to Southwest Texas. While we were there we made a music video of my composition Silver Jack in Big Bend National Park. With only the cacti and the creosote present we wanted to share this beautiful place with you.

2018 Tour Feelin’ the Love Check out our tour stats and thank you’s to all the folks that make this great endeavor of playing music possible. 26 gigs in 70 days in 13 states     15  nights in Colorado     10 nights in California     9 nights in Wisconsin     8 nights in Nevada     5 nights […]

For the third year in a row, we’ve taken time out of our summer performing tour to write music at a “composing residency” in a rustic cabin in Colorado. This year we rented a cabin in the La Garita mountains just outside of the San Luis Valley. The cabin is a forty minute drive down […]

Outdoor California Cooking

When we’re on tour we always love preparing our food outside. This summer we enjoyed some outdoor California cooking as we camped in the Paso Robles and Mammoth Lakes areas. But seriously, it’s all about the produce. Once you get to the Central Valley past Sacramento you can find good ingredients at any store, and […]

Folias California Route

This year we started our 2018 California route with a milonga in Sacramento for Tango on Broadway. We continued with a concert in San Francisco and then we played for a milonga in Ventura hosted by our friends Stephen and Deb who curate Quantum Tango, a group we’ve worked with five times now. We then made […]