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Central Chile in Mono

Andrew and I just returned from two weeks in central Chile. We travelled there to visit some friends, play a couple of gigs, taste wine, hike, learn more about Chilean food, and take advantage of understanding a little bit more Spanish.

We stayed in Santiago but also enjoyed the coastal towns for Valparaiso (where we performed) Viña del Mar, Concón and El Quisco where we visited one of Neruda’s crazy beautiful houses. We tasted and toured at vineyards in Casablanca, Maipo, San Antonio and the famous region for red wine, Colchagua, that features a quirky and now characteristically Chilean grape called Carmenere.

We had a chance in our last two days to hike in the Parque National La Campana, which has one of the highest peaks in the Cordillera de la Costa range of Chile. This range of mountains is in the “corridor” as the name says, and it allows spectacular views on one side of the Andes including Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere and the Pacific Ocean on the other. The Cerro La Campana is a peak that Darwin hiked in the 1830s and is an important part of the central valley in Chile.

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