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Composing Residency in Colorado

Rustic Cabin Life

Carmen and I had the opportunity to take 2 weeks off of our busy summer schedule and create a composing residency in Colorado. Rather than stay at home we decided to go distraction free by renting a rustic cabin. The Grizzly Creek Guard Station was our home for 14 days and nights. We had nothing planned except for composing and living peacefully. The cabin is actually an old forest service guard station and it is situated right on the edge of North Park. North Park is a giant rural basin in northern Colorado that definitely has more cows than humans living there. Behind the guard station was the start of the Mount Zirkel Wilderness with it’s beautiful lakes, mountain tops, wild flowers, and endless hiking trails.

The Music

Rustic Composing Residency

In the 14 days that we were at the cabin I ended up drafting 2 new pieces for Folias. They are pieces that will go with an already existing piece of mine, Dreaming to Live. They form a set of pieces, I. Clock Time, II. Dreaming to Live, and III. Living Now. Carmen wrote four new pieces! They are all modeled after Argentinian folk dances and along with Carmen’s piece Octopus Fantasma make a dance suite named Naturaleza Suite.

You can look forward to hearing all of the new pieces at our concerts in the upcoming year. You will also be able to hear them on our new recording which we will be recording in December!

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