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Concert in Hancock, MI at FU

Yesterday we gave flute and guitar masterclasses and a concert at Finlandia University sponsored by our friend Pat Valencia who has a Suzuki guitar studio in Hancock called Valencia Estudio. We have found that without people like Pat who really make an effort to be a caretaker for music performance, it would be impossible to bring our music to people. The whole event was extremely well organized and we found this had an affect on the way people responded to our music. It seemed that maybe there is hope for building an engaged public audience for new flute and guitar music.

Pat does something similar to what I do with the MAJIC Concert Series at Bethlehem Lutheran Church.  He curates a grassroots performing venue for artists who want to bring something new and interesting to the community. Without enthusiastic advocates in local community, it would be more difficult than it already is to find viable places to perform for an appreciate audience.

My prediction (and hope) for the performing arts is that grassroots art support will not only grow, but shift to being the most affordable and affective way of bringing music into pubic life. Much like the way people are starting to understand the importance of local food and locally made goods, I will continue to help make a scene for locally supported music.

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