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Debut in Chile

Folias in Chile

This May Andrew and I had the opportunity to play for two lovely milongas in central Chile, one in Valparaiso and one in Santiago.

Valparaiso is an a amazing city with spectacular views of the coast, a hopping nightlife and great food, including seafood. The bar we played at La Piedra Feliz was really cool with lots of rooms for all kinds of dances, salsa, etc, and in the basement DJs spin till 4am. Milonga Anichi sponsored our appearance and we received a nice reception with lots of dancing. Anichi is a cool tanguera as well as a “real” tango DJ. She spins original tango orchestra LPs from the 1940s at her milongas, something that is rare in the tango world.

Santiago is the capital city of Chile and is where we spent half of our time. In Santiago we played for Milonga de Pipe, hosted by Felipe Zarzar. The video above is a short clip from that event; it was especially fun to play our milonga arrangements for that crowd.

We couldn’t have come to Chile or played for the milongas without the help of our friends Gabriela and Benjamin, so we want to say a special “thank you!” to them for everything they did for us in Chile – picked us up from the airpot, drove us all around, gave us a nice room to stay in and a brand new kitchen cook in, arranged for borrowed instruments and gear (thank Alvaro and Felipe!), let us use their bus and subway pass, gave us the best local travel directions, showed us the most beautiful spots and delicious food, and above all shared their good company with us everyday.

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