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Delicate Omens - Folias Duo
Delicate Omens - Folias Duo

What people are saying about Delicate Omens…

Delicate Omens, “These two artists are top talents, almost singular within contemporary flute and guitar ensembles.”

Flutist Quarterly – Fall 2020

“The recording exudes a magnificent clarity” 

“Immersing themselves in such manner fostered connection and contemplation in equal measure, the outcome compositions of genuine, elemental character.”

“Maret’s flute glides o’er Bergeron’s unerring foundation with grace and agility, the purity of her tone a consistent source of listening pleasure.”

Textura – Dec 19

“The recording is exemplary in balancing the two instruments. This enjoyable album gives a strong taste of the duo’s musical and literary interests and enthusiasms.”

Music Web International – Dec 19

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