Dragonfly Tour Thank You

A massive Dragonfly Tour THANK YOU to everyone who makes the wonderful endeavor of playing music and touring possible.

For the west leg of the tour, we had 17 gigs in 31 days across 5 states (MI, NV, CA, OR, NM), covering 7,793 driving miles, all thanks to our commercial driver, Mr. Bergeron. Our journey averaged 34.6 MPG. California hosted us the most with 6 performances. We experienced temperatures as high as 100°F in Las Vegas, NV, and as low as 28°F in Vail, CO. As for hiking, we reached our highest point in the Pecos Wilderness, New Mexico, at 10,500 feet. Our journey took us from Portland, OR in the north to San Diego, CA in the south.


We are grateful to everyone who continues to support us, including all the fans, hosts, and organizers. We appreciate the generous people who hosted us and those who donated to support our camping adventures.

Las Vegas: Thanks to all the library folks, especially Kristen and our tech Ezra, for making everything run smoothly.

Newport Beach: Thank you, Terry, for organizing and curating such an enthusiastic audience for classical music.

San Diego/Encinitas: Thanks to Cindy and Ted for your friendships, hospitality, and shared love of great food and conversation. Appreciation to the Encinitas library for hosting us for the fifth time!

Ridgecrest: Thanks to Debbie, Andrea, and Cheryl for hosting a wonderful concert and providing lodging in the Mojave.

Chico: Thanks to Warren for curating a cool guitar series and to our Michigander friends Joanne and Phil for hosting us and sharing great stories.

San Francisco: Thanks to Chris for believing in us through 2020 until we could finally perform at St. Mary’s in person this summer.

Yuba City: Thanks to Abbie and David for your continued support and creative concert ideas. We enjoyed sharing our music with young adults.

Ashland: Endless thanks to Grant and Mary for your open-door hospitality, a wonderful concert, and to Cory and Greg for opening your house to musicians!

Portland: We’re grateful to Peter and Yukiko of CDZ Collegium Musica, BJ and Steve, and Christa for their contributions to our four appearances in Portland. Special shout out to the Greater Portland Flute Society and the Portland Guitar Society for your support.

Santa Fe: Thanks to Linda Raney for 15 years of organizing, and to Peter, Tina, Aria, and Copper for taking us hiking, to yoga class, hosting us, and letting us take over your kitchen!

Albuquerque: Thanks to Cody for including us in the summer reading series.


Next, we extend our endless thanks to the following individuals who supported our camping adventures on the road. Their contributions provided us the opportunity to connect with nature, prepare our own meals, and fully engage with the people and landscapes of the western U.S.

Olivia Vargas
Nedra Harju
Nina Brown
Anthony Lipscomb
Ivey Mcdaniel
Joey Allen
Helen Williams
John Horning
Kristina Beauchamp
Jonathon and Michele Russell
Catherine Haefner
Diane Charvat
Chris Martin
Moana Kutsche


Scenic Drive: Durango to Santa Fe (Highway 160 to 84)
Campsite: Jemez Falls in New Mexico
Grocery Store: Ashland Food Co-Op
Winery: St. Innocent Winery in Jefferson, OR
Brewery: Parts and Labor in Sterling, CO
Trees: Caleveras State Park in California
Hike: Samuel P. Taylor – Pioneer Tree Trail in Marin County, CA
Coffee: Form and Function in Boise, ID
Hot Springs: Miracle Hot Springs in Buhl, ID
Most Beautiful Acoustics: Mary’s Woods in Lake Oswego, OR
Best House Concert: Conaway/Ross in Ashland, OR
Most Remote Concert: Mt. Charleston Ski Chalet outside of Las Vegas, NV
Super Fans Award: Newport Beach Library in CA
Enthusiasm Award: South Lindhurst High School in CA
Most Attentive Audience: The Old Madeleine Church in Portland, OR
Beautiful Setting Award: Museum of Northern California Art in Chico, CA
Overall Audience: First Presbyterian Church in Santa Fe, NM
Best Repeat Gig: Maturango Museum in Ridgecrest, CA
Cool Vibes Award: Speciation Cellars in Grand Rapids, MI
Open-minded Audience Award: U&I Events Center in Portland, OR
Astounding Concert Setting Award: St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco, CA

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