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Fear and Loathing in Osh-vegas



Today we had a first. Our car broke down on the way to a gig. We were just outside the middle of nowhere in between Milwaukee and our destination Oshkosh, WI where we were set to play at the New Moon Cafe with Debbie and Daniel.

The car just stopped accelerating and then wouldn’t start again.

Luckily we had an angel cop that came and picked us up. He also quickly called a tow for us and then gave us a ride to the local garage that also doubled as a dealership. To top it off, the dealership gave us a rental car after hours that allowed us to make it to our gig only a few minutes late.

What can I say…the life of a musician…is all about recovery.

We’ll see about fixing up the old Folias mobile tomorrow (with 191,000 miles on her), or it may be a new car for us!

Back at the hotel in Jackson, WI now. It’s 2am… we are drinking some local New Glarus “Barely Naked” beer to top off a stressful day.

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