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Folias Celebrates 10 Years With Viewpoints


On September 15, Carmen Maret and Andrew Bergeron collectively known as the Folias Flute and Guitar Duo will celebrate the official release of their fifth album, Viewpoints, a set of adventurous original chamber music that marks ten years of collaborating together as both performers and composers. The Folias compositional palate broadens here with the addition of the alto flute and the West African tambin, as well as a guest appearance by violinist/violist, Christopher Martin. The result is a sound that blends Folias’ ongoing love of Argentine tango with other world musics and Western classical music to create a kind of aural travelogue of both depth and breadth.

Viewpoints follows Folias’ Tango and Snow and Waterway concept album releases, also on the independent classical music label Blue Griffin Recording, engineered by longtime friend and producer Sergei Kvitko. American Record Guide has called the Folias Flute and Guitar Duo “daring in self written music.” On the new album, Bergeron and Maret venture further into the somewhat rarefied endeavor of writing and performing original classical music and they hope to continue to inspire others to write and play for this beautiful combination of instruments.

Bergeron and Maret draw on nature and travel as inspiration for their compositions. Bergeron’s pieces from the ‘Border Trilogy’, the solo guitar piece ‘Spring Snow’ and the trio pieces ‘Cabrales’ and ‘Sotres’ were all sketched on site in national parks around the world. Added to these extra musical influences, the album incorporates the flavors of Spanish flamenco, Argentine zamba and vals, and West African music, the juxtaposition of which Folias navigates with ease.

The track listing for Viewpoints is as follows:

Border Trilogy
1. Mariscal Mines
2. Gunslinger
3. Black Warrior

4. Scotch Bonnet

5. Cabrales

6. Sotres

7. Buenos Aires Cab Ride

Spring Snow
8. Frozen Flowing
9. Moldering Ruin

10. Mamba Guinée

11. Cancion de lejos

12. Cumparsita vals

Carmen Maret and Andrew Bergeron met at Michigan State University in 2002 while studying for their combined Master’s Degrees in music composition, performance, and ethnomusicology. Their collaborations were initially based upon playing Andrew’s original music and Carmen’s tango arrangements but they soon blended these elements together to create their first concept album Waterway which drew inspiration from an Artist Residency at Isle Royale National Park.

The nomadic duo has played on stages around the globe including in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Argentina, and Guinee, West Africa. Carmen and Andrew have self-booked and promoted tours extensively throughout North America which have included festivals in Alaska and Canada and milongas in over 25 tango communities throughout the United States.

American Record Guide calls the Folias Flute and Guitar Duo “daring in self written music.” Having worked together for over ten years, this Grand Rapids, MI based husband and wife duo of flutist Carmen Maret and guitarist Andrew Bergeron continue to break new ground as performers and composers with a list of over 40 self-published compositions.

Folias’ four critically acclaimed albums on the Blue Griffin Recording label show their versatility as musicians. The have a strong connection to South American folk, Argentine tango and to the music of Astor Piazzolla. Taking inspiration from Piazzolla, Maret and Bergeron’s original compositions are rooted in both the rigors of classical music and in the freedom of improvisational music. About Folias’ album Marufo Vega Fanfare magazine said, “Carmen Maret and Andrew Bergeron are facile players…They draw on tango rhythms and melodies sometimes; at other times they write with a scenic sensitivity…mysterious…charming…evocative.”

Carmen and Andrew also curate, the website where they publish and sell their own sheet music and CDs, host a podcast and blog. On you will also discover their not so secret identities as foodies and nature lovers.

September 15 – November 16, 2014  Album Release Shows
9/15 Muskegon, MI
Listening Room
Hackley Library

9/19 Marion, IA
Campbell Steele Gallery

9/20 Omaha, NE
Just Dance Studio

10/7 Montague, MI
The Book Nook

10/10 Holland, MI
Hope College

10/17 Traverse City, MI
Left Foot Charley Winery

10/26 Holland, MI
[email protected]
First Reformed Church

11/1 Detroit, MI
Southeast Michigan Flute
Association Festival

11/16 Detroit, MI
Scarab Club Chamber Series


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