Folias Duo Heartdance Tour West

Folias Duo Heartdance Tour West

Welcome to our blog post covering the exciting journey of the Folias Duo Heartdance Tour West! Over a period of 35 days, we traveled a total distance of 9,970 miles, playing concerts in intimate venues and exploring the beautiful landscapes of Nevada, California, Oregon, and Idaho. Here are the highlights of this incredible musical adventure.

Folias Duo Heartdacne Tour West Highlights

Performance Highlights

Throughout the tour, we had the pleasure of performing in various small venues and towns. We connected with a lot of interesting people. Here are some of the standout performances:

  1. Clark County Libraries, Las Vegas, NV. We had the privilege of performing three amazing shows in Las Vegas.
  2. Athenaeum Music & Arts Library, La Jolla, CA. This show stood out as we were greeted by a long pre-show line of enthusiastic music lovers
  3. Encinitas Library, CA. Performing amidst the beauty of art and music by the sea was truly a magical experience.
  4. Yuba City Sutter Arts at the Sutter Theater for the Arts. The stunning visual backdrop at this venue added a unique and cool atmosphere to our performance.
  5. Pasadena, CA. The architecture in Pasadena Presbyterian church created an exceptional ambiance for our show.
  6. Ridgecrest, CA. The intimate show atmosphere at Maturango Museum and art show by Cheryl McDonald made it one of the best small-town performances.
  7. Old St. Hilary’s, Tiburon, CA. The acoustics in this historic church were outstanding, enhancing the beauty of the experience.
  8. Ventura County Classical Guitar Society. We were fortunate to have an attentive audience that truly appreciated our performance. What a great hang with guitarists after the show!
  9. Grizzly Peak wine cellar, Ashland, OR. This show had a unique and cool vibe, our first time performing in a wine cellar!
  10. Maret Vineyard, Boise, ID. Performing for family, friends, and neighbors in this beautiful setting made this a special night.
  11. Lake Oswego Library, OR. Surrounded by books, this show had a distinct atmosphere.
  12. La Baguette, Ashland, OR. Our morning breakfast show at La Baguette was a delightful experience, starting the day with fantastic energy.
  13. Lick Observatory, Mt. Hamilton, CA. Performing at the Lick Observatory, atop Mt. Hamilton, with amazing views, and incredible telescopes was a peak experience.

Scenic Drives, Campsites, and Food

In addition to the beautiful performances, our tour allowed us to discover scenic drives and beautiful campsites. We also ate a lot of good food. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Highway 58, Oregon: The drive from Eugene to Crater Lake on Highway 58 offered the most scenic views
  2. Glory Hole, Calaveras County, CA. Our favorite overall campsite was at the Glory Hole in the Gold Country of California. We enjoyed hiking along the reservoir, a variety of birds, and sunny warm evenings for cooking outside.
  3. Ashland Food Co-op, Ashland, OR. This grocery store became our go-to place for stocking up on high-quality products during our tour.
  4. Dogwood Campground, San Bernardino Mountains, CA. Nestled amidst beautiful old-growth trees, this campground provided the most serene and picturesque camping experience.
  5. High Peaks Trail, Pinnacles National Park, CA. This trail offered the best hiking experience. Great rock formations and diverse wildlife.
  6. Miracle Hot Springs, Buhl, ID. After long days on the road, the rejuvenating visit to Miracle Hot Springs was a much-needed treat.
  7. Estero Gold Reserve, Valley Ford, CA. This raw Jersey cow milk cheese is aged 16 months! The flavors and texture of the cheese are truly exceptional.
  8. MidTown Sacramento, CAMidTown Sacramento stole our hearts with its vibrant and diverse farmers market.
  9. Sunshine’s Farm, Fresno, CA. As we traveled through Fresno, we couldn’t resist visiting Sunshine’s Farm, where we discovered the best strawberries on the planet.

Thanks to the Organizers, Hosts, and Camp Hosts

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the organizers, hosts, and camp hosts. Without their support and dedication, none of this would have been possible. We would like to express our gratitude to the following individuals:

  • Kristen and Candyl at the Las Vegas Libraries
  • Lucy in La Jolla
  • Connor in Encinitas
  • Abbie, David, and Shawntay with Yuba Sutter Arts
  • Anita in Pasadena
  • Debbie and Andrea in Ridgecrest
  • David in Tiburon
  • Liz and Jesse at Ventura County Classical Guitar Society
  • Grant, Mary, and Virginia in Ashland, OR
  • Terry and Delores in Boise, ID
  • April in Lake Oswego
  • Elinor at the Lick Observatory
  • Cindy and Ted in San Diego, CA
  • Vaughn in Thousand Oaks, CA
  • John, Merrill, Jenika Randy, and Rosa Lee in Ashland, OR
  • BJ in Albany, OR

Next, we would also like to express our sincere appreciation to the camp hosts who provided us with their love and support.

  • Nedra Harju
  • Moana Kutsche
  • Kim Sanwald
  • Diane Charvat
  • David Martin
  • Jim and Melissa Leitch
  • John Horning
  • Shannon Shaker
  • Anne and Ed Domanski
  • Precious Johnson
  • Cathy Haefner

And finally, your kindness and assistance made our journey even more memorable, and we are truly grateful for everything you did to ensure the success of the Folias Duo Heartdance Tour West.

The Heartdance Tour West has been an incredible journey of music, exploration, and connections, and we are grateful to have shared it with all of you. Until our paths cross again, keep the music alive and the spirit of adventure burning bright!

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