Folias Duo May Live Stream “20th Show”

Folias May Live Stream
Folias May Live Stream

Folias Duo May Live Stream “20th Show”

SUNDAY, MAY 9, 2021 at 4pm Eastern

Wow, these have been some crazy fourteen months! Thank YOU for listening, spreading the word, and supporting us. This show marks Folias Duo’s 20th live stream concert, and we are so happy to be continuing our artistic pursuits. We have designed a special program that features all new music that has only been played in live stream concerts this last year.

We’ll start the program with Dragonfly, a piece from 2019 where we spent the month of July in rustic cabins in Oregon writing music. The four movement piece is a musical depiction of the life cycle of the dragonfly, and features intricate rhythms in meters such as 5/4 and 7/8. Next on the program we’ll play music from 2020, a very different year for us spent at home wondering what was going to happen next. The piece Summer Bubble is a musical statement that captures the absurdity of that summer at home in 2020. We finish the program with two other pieces written during our 2019 summer composing residency in Oregon. At the cabins, we would walk every night at dusk, and the nighthawks would fly around us and chirp away. Nighthawk ended up being a shared co-composed composition where we traded back and forth during the writing process. The only rule for our shared composing was that either of us could erase anything from the previous person’s turn! We ended up with a spicy, funky piece for alto flute and guitar that includes some improvisational sections. The final piece on the program is a playful dance for piccolo and guitar called Looking Glass which is inspired by a river of the same name.


Dragonfly (2019) – Bergeron
I. Aquatic
III. Flying
IV. Heart Dance

Summer Bubble (2020) – Bergeron

Alchemy (2020) – Maret
II. Nighthawk
III. Looking Glass

The History of Folias Duo Live Streaming

We started streaming on Carmen’s birthday in April of 2020. It was something to do in a confusing, yet remarkably un-busy time. We initially thought of live streaming as a temporary experiment, perhaps just for the summer, but we quickly realized the potential for streaming to help our music reach people in an impactful way and to help us grow as composers and performers. We’ve since been playing concerts every second Sunday, and in January of 2021 we added the GO Series brining on guests for the fourth Sunday of each month.

Thank you for watching and donating!

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