Folias Duo May Tour Stats

Folias Duo May Tour Stats 2022
Folias Duo May Tour Stats 2022

We’re excited to announce the Folias Duo May Tour stats for the month-long tour we just completed in the western United States. It was incredible to be back touring again after three years of waiting for the right conditions! I think we’ve all been eager for this sense of being able to interact socially. This tour gave us an enjoyable and productive way to share our music with lots of interesting people.

The Stats

The tour was exhilarating even as we made a DIY approach: driving and coordinating ourselves, camping, cooking our own food, and playing all our own music.

24 Days
7,650 miles (5 hour/day average driving time)
34 MPG (Chevy Cruze)
13 performances in six states (MI, NM, NV, CA, OR, ID) with 3 synchronous live streams
15 nights camping
6 nights homestays
2 hotels
27 camp meals
18 car cooking meals
6 out to eat
8 sponsored tour picnics

Hottest temp: 102º Las Vegas, NV
Lowest temp: 26º camping in the mountains outside of Flagstaff, AZ
Furthest north: Boise, ID – Furthest south: Silver City, NM – Furthest east: Grand Rapids, MI- Furthest west: Camarillo, CA


Best acoustics: Museum of Northern California Art in Chico, CA
Warmest audience: Silco Theater in Silver City, NM
Most adventurous programming: Las Vegas Library at the rural Mt. Charleston Library outpost
Best overall event: Yuba City Sutter Arts at the Sutter Theater for the Arts
Attentive audience award: Ventura County Classical Guitar Society
Perseverance award: Boise house concert at Mom and Dad’s

Most Scenic Drive: Highway 3 in northern California from Yreka to Weaverville
Best Campsite: Cerro Alto in San Luis Obispo area of So Cal
The place to get groceries: Sacramento Food Co-op
Most beautiful trees: Palomar Mountain State Park outside of Temecula, CA
Out to Eat Experience: Little Pearl Oyster Bar in Boise, ID
Best Hiking: the Spring Mountains, Cathedral Rock Trail near Mt. Charleston above Las Vegas
Best Hot Springs: Avila Hot Springs, San Luis Obispo, CA

Organizers & Picnic Sponsors

There are so many people to thank after every tour. As we learn with every project and every tour, it’s a combined group effort of all the organizers, supporters, fans, and listeners around us.

Chris and Laura Martin in Grand Rapids, MI
Lillian at the Silver City Library
Kristen, Nyla & Coraline at the Las Vegas Libraries
Collette and Connor in Encinitas
Grant and Mary, John, and Merril in Ashland, OR
Abbie and David with Yuba Sutter Arts
Liz & Jesse at Ventura County Classical Guitar Society
Terry and Delores in Boise, ID

Picnic Thank You: Nedra Harju, Michael Pierce and Olivia Vargas, Nina Brown, Tammie Stimac, Guy Kollig, Moana Kutsche, Kim Sanwald, Gregg Bruff, Patrice Bergeron, John Horning, Paul Kober, Nathan Smith, Warren Raftshol, Diane Charvat, Avik Basu, Chris and Laura Martin, Lexi Schaub, Audra Erb

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