Folias Music Announces Artist Series Sheet Music Releases December 11

Artist Series Sheet Music Debut

Folias Music announces the debut of their Artist Series sheet music on December 11, 2017. Known for their championing of original concert pieces for flute and guitar, Carmen Maret and Andrew Bergeron of the Folias Duo each present a multi-movement sheet music publication from their 2017 album release Dreaming to Live: Bergeron’s Phoenix Trilogy and Maret’s Naturaleza Suite.

Of Bergeron’s trilogy, he says, “The vision for my Phoenix Trilogy came from a fascination with the philosophy of existence. The two outer fast movements are Clock Time, a reflection of the frenetic nature of our lives, and Living Now, hinting at the writings of Eckhart Tolle, whose prose I appreciate for what it means to “live in the now.”

Of Maret’s five movement suite, she says, “The music and dance of Argentina is the muse for my Naturaleza Suite which includes some of the lesser known dance forms zamba, chamamé, and chacarera, as well as the more universally known tango.”

The Artist Series

The Artist Series sheet music also features two cover art works commissioned by Bergeron and Maret. The cover for Naturaleza Suite is made by Grand Rapids based artist and printmaker Alynn Guerra with her hand carved linocut entitled “Deadly Tango,” while the cover for Phoenix Trilogy is an oil painting done by the Upper Peninsula based artist Gregg Bruff that features Bergeron himself in a natural pine tree setting.

Sheet music is only available through the Folias Music website. Coming Dec 11, 2017.

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