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Folias at Wayne State University

Last month we had the privilege to give a concert and a lecture on how we have made successful careers as DIY musicians at the Wayne State University Music Department. Over the years we have done many things as a duo, from playing tango music for milongas, to playing concerts. Also making CD’s, and booking international and national tours.

At all levels in the music business, musicians are taking control of their music by becoming DIY managers. So, it was nice to be able to play and talk to an engaged young audience about how to make it happen.

Some of the things we talked to the students about were how we have improved  our music and our business by scheduled weekly business meetings, rehearsals, and composing meetings. We showed how we promote ourself with online resources like our website, Facebook, Artistdata, and our mail service MailChimp. We discussed our strategies for planning our tours and also how we record and produce our albums.

Many thanks to Laura Roelofs for having us and to the students for being such great listeners. As an added bonus, our concert was recorded live by Tyler, one of the recording tech students at Wayne State.

Here is a track from our live performance.

Folias at Wayne State University

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