Hosting AKGI Duo

Andy and I had an inspiring weekend after organizing and hosting two concerts in Grand Rapids, one for the Andreas Kapsalis & Goran Ivanovic Duo on the GRCC International Guitar Series and one for Eastern Blok on the MAJIC Series at Bethlehem Lutheran Church.

The best thing about our weekend (besides all the fantastic company with food and drink) was to see accomplished musicians take their compositions and performing to a new level. These are guys that could get away with riding on their past accomplishments and virtuosity, but who choose to keep developing their playing and composing. Andy and I are so inspired!

Andy and I have been following Eastern Blok for a while! We heard their music playing in Martha’s Vineyard (the deli around the corner from our house) back in 2006 and asked Marcio DaSilva about it. We went to see them live for the first time at the old Founders. It was after one of our tango lessons and we had a group of young people with us that weren’t even 21 yet. Luckily they let us in with the stipulation that we had to stay back by the door. We all just stood their with our mouths wide open! It had been so long since I had heard a group of thoughtful musicians our age playing such well crafted original compositions at a high level.

And they continue to develop! At the MAJIC concert they performed two new suites of music and did a world premier. I am so grateful to be part of that energy.

After, we ate and drank the night away…Carmen and Andy style…

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