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Jordan River Valley Excursion

This month, we decided to take a break from the city with a journey to Michigan’s Jordan River, an 80% spring fed waterway that was the first to be Federally designated as a “wild and scenic” river in Michigan . The river valley is a 160 mile drive straight north of Grand Rapids, so it made for an easy escape from the city. We hiked an 18 mile loop trail which encircles the Jordan river and stayed at the half-way point called Pinney Bridge, a well developed set of hike in campsites.

Along the trail we were surrounded by ramps, also known as wild leeks. We added them to our pasta dinner at the campground. Last time we hiked the loop we were fortunate to find wild  blackberries and this time we were also fed with the ramps.

After the hike we drove to the best brewery in northern Michigan, Shorts  Brewing, and had a sandwich and some great beers. We returned to the city refreshed and tired at the same time.

Pasta with Ramps (Wild Leeks), Shitake Mushrooms,  Lamb Bacon, and Kale

Saute mix:
4TBS olive oil
3 oz lamb bacon, chopped
1 cup of frozen kale thawed
1 oz dried shitake mushrooms reconstituted in warm water
10 wild ramps chopped

Boil pasta and mix with saute and a little bit of the cooking water. Salt to taste.





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