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Folias Duo - End of Summer Live Stream

For this month’s live stream concert we have created a multi-media program called “Journey to the End of Summer.” Alongside some of our newer flute and guitar compositions, we will feature animated videos of artworks in our collection by Alynn Guerra, David McKie, Gregg Bruff, and Alina Poroshina. The story read by Andrew is about artists experiencing the mystery of the creative process.

I. Procession of the Foxes – Dear Monster by Alynn Guerra
Our journey begins in a shrouded fog of mystery as we hide behind a tree and wait for the foxes. When it’s raining and the sun shines at the same time the foxes dance and make music in the woods. Although they forbid anyone to watch them, we peek a glimpse of their magical procession.

II. Dreaming to Live – Dreaming to Live by Carmen Maret
Alas, the foxes found out we were watching and banished us from our home. Now as an outsider, the world seems to spin around us in a disorienting confusion. We must search for our dreams to find our way through.

III. Molting – Molting by David McKie
As we cling to the reed of our past selves, it is time to molt! We must leave our sunken past and fly out into the air of floating possibilities.

IV. Heartdance – Heartdance by David McKie
In great joy we meet our love and dance like there is no tomorrow. The sun is shining as we go round and round. Our circle bows at the top and forms a heart.

V. Looking Glass – The Cliffs by Gregg Bruff
After our dance of joy we stand alone and wonder, “Who are we?” A river winds past us and we take a look into the water to see our reflection.

VI. Nighthawk – Nighthawk by Alina Poroshina
The day comes to an end and we enter the time in between. We hear the call of the nighthawk. With its striped wings, it soars past our heads. If we follow it we may find the joy and mystery of summer.

VII. Creole Ballet – Ominous Happenings by Alynn Guerra
Our journey takes us back to where we started but it is never the same. This song and dance is a blend of our past selves combined with our new adventures. The end of summer may be here but now we have our creative inspiration ready for the change of season.

Watch the show on Sunday, September 12 at 4pm EST

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