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Milongas in Omaha and Boise


For the Christmas holiday we traveled out west and played for two different milongas. In preparation for the dances, we decided that we needed to do some new transcribing of some sweet classic licks (D’Agostino, D’Arienzo, Canaro, Troilo) from the golden era tangos. We also decided that it was time to learn not only one set from memory, but two, 23 songs in all.

Omaha was our first stop and we had never played for a milonga there before. During the car ride there we actually counted and Omaha was our 33rd city in the U.S. that we played for a tango dance. It was a great night of dancing and music that was put together by Dick Kale and at the dance studio owned by Ron Shepard. People were enthusiastic about dancing to our music and were already asking about when we were going to be back!

After Omaha we drove the next morning for 17 hours to Boise Idaho, hometown of Carmen. We had a nice week of fun with her parents before showing up to play for a nice crowd of dancers from Boise, and a few who made the five hour drive from Salt Lake City.  The event was put together by Tommy Smith who kept the floor alive with his dancing and also the dancers who took his beginners class before the milonga. Again we were asked about when we would return.

Maybe there will have to be another tour set up this summer…


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