Milongas on the Dreaming to Live Tour

Milongas Dreaming to Live

When we tour we play two different kind of gigs–we play for concerts and we play for tango dances called milongas. The milongas on the Dreaming to Live Tour represented 9 out or 27 performances in 7 states. The great thing about playing a dance is people listening to your music and putting it into motion with their bodies.

Here is a sample video of two milonga performances from the tour.

Thanks to all of the organizers and the dancers. We will see you next summer!
Austin, TX  Esquina Tango Austin
Salt Lake City, UT  Wasatch Tango
Eugene, OR  Tuesday Bailonga
McCloud, CA  Burning Tango 2017
San Diego, CA  Urban Tango San Diego
Ventura, CA  Quantum Tango
Incline, NV  VZ Tango House Milonga 
Detroit, MI  Argentine Tango Detroit
Milwaukee, WI  Milwaukee Tango