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On The Road Out West Part 2


On the Road Out West Part 2

We left Boise Monday morning with a long drive to southern Utah. All was well until we had trouble with our tire. One of our lug nuts flew off on the highway, but thanks to a gracious mechanic at Les Schwab in Burley, Idaho we had our tire fixed on the house. After 12 hours we made it to our gorgeous campground in the mountains south of Moab with great aspen trees and a chilly breeze.

Tuesday morning we drove across the desert to Santa Fe and met our host Shahin. We played a rockin Milonga at the great Spanish tapas restaurant El Meson. Thank-you to Shahin, Alan, David and all of the great tango dancers for an unforgettable night.

Wednesday we were in Albuquerque with wonderful hosts Jeremy and Leah. We had a lazy day with little driving and had lots of time to do yoga and practice with the cat. That night we played a gig at the Blackbird Buvette. Thanks to Jeremy and Leah for a great house to live in for a day.

Thursday we drove south to Las Cruces, NM. Along the way we had a picnic at Elephant Butte reservoir. The hot sun started to hit us and when we finally arrived in Las Cruces it was 99 degrees. We had an excellent host, Leslie and an excellent griller John. We played a nice focused HOT concert at the coffee shop in Mesilla with a great host, Kaleigh.

Friday we woke early and drove 8 hours across Texas to Fredericksburg in the hill county. We played at the Auslander, a German beer bar where we played our music for many people eating and drinking the heat and humidity of the day away. Thanks to Jeff for believing in something different for a beer bar in Texas.

Today we are relaxing in the tiny town of Mason, Texas where you can find one of the best taquerias in the world called Santos.



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