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Outdoor California Cooking

Outdoor California Cooking

Outdoor California Cooking

When we’re on tour we always love preparing our food outside. This summer we enjoyed some outdoor California cooking as we camped in the Paso Robles and Mammoth Lakes areas. But seriously, it’s all about the produce. Once you get to the Central Valley past Sacramento you can find good ingredients at any store, and if you look a little harder you can find some really special stuff to prepare.

The same goes for the wine! We did a little extra wine research this year because of a couple fogged in days where it wasn’t so good view for hiking.

Food and wine finds this year in So Cal

King Trumpets – made a delicious pasta with local organic spring shallots served with Hahn’s Lucienne Loan Oak Vineyard Pinot Noir

Strawberries (from anywhere really) Figs! And Lycees!

Fresh King Salmon off the boat in Morro Bay – grilled it on the camp grate with San Francisco’s Semifreddi’s Kalamata Bread and local roasted veggies

Radish, yellow tomato salad with Seka Hills Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation olive oil

New Winery find Four Lanterns – family owned, special cared for wines

Andy made an eggplant, tomato, green onion sauce served on egg noodles