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Planet Tango Portland

We had a great time playing a Planet Tango Portland event during a milonga at Alex Kreb’s studio Tango Berretín. It was part of  a 24 hour  broadcast of live tango in cities around the world: Melbourne, Tokyo, Taipei, Moscow, Istanbul, Prague, Montevideo, Minneapolis, and Buffalo. Alex wasn’t there, but we did get to dance in Portland to his band through the live feed performing remote from Minneapolis.

The event was part of Planet Tango’s “Global Embrace” where dancers all around the world are listening and dancing to the same music at the same time. It is also an international dance benefit. People pay to be part of the live stream and in the end $10 = 100 new trees that are planted.

We always enjoy playing tango in Portland and this night was really special because the dancers really supported what we were doing, even clapping for a “real” encore after we played our set.



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