Flute and Guitar Music - Folias Duo

The catalogue of original classical music compositions and tango works by Carmen Maret and Andrew Bergeron since 2001. Flute and Guitar Dragonfly (4 Movements) Flute and Guitar: Bergeron 2019 Creole Ballet (6 Movements) Flute and Guitar: Maret 2019 Phoenix Trilogy (3 Movements), Flute and Guitar: Bergeron 2016 Folias Variations, Flute and Guitar: Bergeron 2014 Cabrales,…

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Folias Duo - Dreaming to LIve

 Delicate Omens (2019) Official release: October 6, 2019 on Folias Music Carmen Maret – flute, alto flute, piccoloAndrew Bergeron – guitar All compositions by Andrew Bergeron & Carmen Maret Emerson: I. Lords of LifeAngel ForeverQuixote: II. ChivalryQuixote: I. PenanceUncompahgre: III. CourthouseUncompahgre: II. CimarronUncompahgre: I. Silver JackCreole Ballet: VI. TangoCreole Ballet: V. InterludeCreole Ballet: IV. Zamba…

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Press Kit

Folias Duo Press Kit

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Folias Duo Reviews

Delicate Omens, “These two artists are top talents, almost singular within contemporary flute and guitar ensembles.” –Flutist Quarterly 2020 // Read More “The recording exudes a magnificent clarity” “Immersing themselves in such manner fostered connection and contemplation in equal measure, the outcome compositions of genuine, elemental character.” –Textura on Delicate Omens 2019 // Read More…

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