Folias Duo Reviews

“Theirs is a music that transcends genre and that ultimately brands itself as Folias Duo music, full stop.”

–Textura 2023 // Read More

“Five stars: A life-enhancing experience that stays with the listener long after the final note has sounded.”

–Fanfare Magazine 2023 // Read More

“Heartdance represents a culmination of their creative synergy so far. The compositions, performances and recordings are excellent.”

–The Flutist Quarterly 2023 // Read More

Heartdance, “It’s a beautiful blend of intellect, cultural and sonic exploration, a deep love and commitment to one another through life and song, and a shared joy in exploring and to the repertoire of music for classical guitar and flute.”

–Local Spins 2023 // Read More

Delicate Omens, “These two artists are top talents, almost singular within contemporary flute and guitar ensembles.”

–Flutist Quarterly 2020 // Read More

“The recording exudes a magnificent clarity” “Immersing themselves in such manner fostered connection and contemplation in equal measure, the outcome compositions of genuine, elemental character.”

–Textura on Delicate Omens 2019 // Read More

“The recording is exemplary in balancing the two instruments. This enjoyable album gives a strong taste of the duo’s musical and literary interests and enthusiasms.”

–Music Web International on Delicate Omens 2019 // Read More

“…the players work well together, have excellent technical command and perfect ensemble and a nice timbral timbral range. And both are not afraid of improvising…

–American Record Guide 2017 // Read More

“Maret’s sinuous flute, alto flute, and piccolo playing is a constant delight, while Bergeron’s deft finger-picking makes as strong an impression. The purity of her tone and the unerring precision of his guitar work are an enticing combination, and both repeatedly show themselves to be versatile and accomplished players capable of meeting the music’s formidable challenges.”

–Textura 2017 // Read More

“It is both comfortable and exciting to listen to them, as if their playing creates a tiny window into their relationship.”

–Flutist Quarterly Fall 2017 // Read More

“There’s really a lot to like here for enthusiasts of tango, blues, and jazz. Performances are suave and full of energy, the sound recording especially fine.

–Audiophile Audition 2012 // Read More

“All interesting pieces that can certainly be enjoyed by almost any listener who likes either classical or Latin American music.”

–Fanfare Magazine 2012 // Read More

“Carmen Maret and Andrew Bergeron are facile players…They draw on tango rhythms and melodies sometimes; at other times they write with a scenic sensitivity…mysterious… charming…evocative.”

–Fanfare Magazine 2009 // Read More


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