Phoenix Trilogy


by Andrew Bergeron (2017)
for flute and guitar
(score and parts)

The vision for Andrew’s Phoenix Trilogy came from his fascination with the philosophy of existence. Its three movements are put together in classical era sonata form, fast – slow – fast. The two outer fast movements are Clock Time, a reflection of the frenetic nature of our lives, and Living Now, hinting at the writings of Eckhart Tolle, whose prose we both appreciate for what it means to “live in the now.”

Harmonically, Andrew deviates in the Phoenix Trilogy from typical harmonic practices. Especially in the title track Dreaming to Live, he moves the chords by an interval of a third which gives the music an elusive quality. Rhythmically, Andrew borrows some tricks from the Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla, who modified the traditional tango rhythm pattern of 3+3+2. In Living Now, Andrew adds an extra set of two beats to the groove, making for an uneasy feeling of tango in five.

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Phoenix Trilogy
Andrew Bergeron

I. Clock Time 3:43
II. Dreaming to Live 4:35
III. Living Now 4:34




This sheet music is part of the Folias Music Artist Series debut
Cover oil painting by Gregg Bruff


The Phoenix Trilogy is featured on the Folias Duo 2017 release Dreaming to Live.

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