Quarantine Etudes


by Andrew Bergeron (2020)
for solo guitar
(score with fingerings included)

Includes printed score with a PDF included.

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Quarantine Etudes
Andrew Bergeron

I. Harmonic Horses (2:45)
II. Ring Around the Rosie (3:20)
III. Wash Our Hands (3:00)
IV. Augustin (3:15)

Total time 12:20

Cover Artwork by Alynn Guerra – Red Hydrant Press

Quarantine Etudes is a set of guitar etudes that I wrote during the first month of the COVID-19 pandemic. Each of the four etudes is based on a folk melody that deals with tragedy. Technically it is a set of etudes that work with harmonics, arpeggios, tremolo, and the use of a capo.

I. Harmonic Horses is a harmonics etude based on the American folk song All the Pretty Little Horses.

II. Ring Around the Rosie is another harmonics etude that also includes some arpeggios with normal notes and is based on the English folk song associated with the Great Plague.

III.Wash our Hands is an arpeggio and harmonics etude that was written using the English folk melody Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush and is my ode to all of the reminders to wash our hands. There is a capo at the first fret and all of the notes are written as sounding.

IV. Augustin is an arpeggio and tremelo etude based on the Austrian folk song O du lieber Augustin which was written by a ballad singer and bag pipe player during the Great Plague who was supposedly buried alive. There is a capo at the third fret and all of the notes are written as sounding.