by Andrew Bergeron (2018)
for solo guitar
(score with guitar fingerings included)

Andrew’s solo guitar piece is based on the iconic character Don Quixote from Spanish writer Miguel Cervantes’ 1605 novel of the same name. Considered the first novel in western literature and one of the greatest stories of all time, this story has been the inspiration for many pieces of music, most famously Richard Strauss’1897 tone poem for solo cello, viola and orchestra.

This music conjures the psychological “dual reality” of Don Quixote. Andrew’s musical themes in the first movement, Penance, are subsequently subjected to re-harmonizations and melodic alterations, including inversions. He depicts what it is like for Don Quixote to be alone in the mountains as he subjects himself to his own punishment (penance) as befitting of a serious knight. Does the scene evoke pathos, make us laugh, or is this reality? Similarly, in the music we are not sure which harmonization is the “correct” one.

In the second movement, Chivalry, Andrew writes material that is in two distantly related key centers at the same time—f minor and B major—depicting the conflict between Don Quixote’s actions and the world’s perception of them. A variety of guitar applications are on display here including the use of a capo on the first fret, rasgueado, tremolo, counterpoint and rapid arpeggiation.

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Andrew Bergeron

I. Penance 
II. Chivalry


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