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Shelly’s Gulaschsuppe

Gourmet Hungarian Beef Soup Recipe

What better way to be greeted after a sleet-laden drive to Detroit at night then by this wonderful, simple, flavorful, warming soup? Thanks to Shelly Rouse-Freitag for hosting us and for taking all day to simmer this Hungarian recipe of gulaschsuppe. It certainly charged our batteries for the next day’s concert at the Southeast Michigan Flute Festival!


(serves 4)

 250 g (1/2 lb.)  onions
250 g   (1/2 lb.) beef
40g (3 T.) butter
2tb paprika
2tb tomato paste
2tb flour
1cont. yogurt
½ c. red wine
1 liter  beef broth
Heat the butter and brown the chopped onions and cubed beef pieces.  Add the paprika and tomato and mix.  Pour in the broth and cook until the meat is done.  Blend the yogurt and flour, and add to the sauce.  Add salt, pepper and sugar to taste.  At the end, add the red wine and serve.
I use a mix of regular and hot paprika.  2/3 reg. 1/3 hot.  The tomato paste I buy in the tube, as it’s more convenient and you don’t waste a whole can.

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