Watercrazed…we’re not by the great lakes anymore

Canyonlands Water Hole

Ahh, Natural Resources…

Nothing is too far away from the water source in the Canyonlands campground, but we were worried about finding a place to filter water out in the backcounty.

Water is available only in small isolated pools usually as the base of a rock outcrop in the upper parts of the canyons. When we finally did find water our first night it tasted better than beer!! I think we both got dehydrated and were starting to get water crazed before that point. I couldn’t stop thinking about water all day….and when all the water we were going to use for EVERYTHING (drinking, washing) was literally in the 9 liter bottles on our backs, I stated to get a little obsessed…

We managed to find filterable water twice on the trip…you can actually smell it ½ mile away, and of course you just use your eyes to find it…follow the green.

For our entire six night trip we ended up using 27 liters…that is 2 ¼ liters per person per day…whew….

Another tip for desert travel, don’t for get the lemons!
At the end of each hike we sucked the juice out of meyer lemons straight. Now that is a thirst quencher!

Then we made killer sun teach with the left over halves of the lemons:

Killer Desert Sun Tea

  • Two halves of a meyer lemon
  • 1 bag black tea
  • 1 bag celestial seasonings sleepy time blend
  • ½ teaspoon raw sugar
  1. Put all ingredients in a dark colored water bottle, fill with water, and let sit a few hours in the afternoon sun. Then put in the shade near a rock ledge to chill before drinking.

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